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Machine moving, complete production technologies or oversize loads, is one of the main activities of our company K-servis. Long time experience in moving machines, production equipment and oversize loads will guarantee precise and safe moving of all larger parts (from disassembly to assembly).

What do we move ?

  • Complete production technologies
  • Machines and production equipment
  • Oversize loads


We normally move machines and entire technological units from 100 kg up to 300 tons. We are able to move even heavier loads upon agreement.

What does moving include ?
Moving includes a complete package of services.

  • Dismounting
  • Transport
  • Mounting
  • Testing of systems and whole process of installation


Offering rental of forklift Hoist F180 /8 tons.
We offer the rental of a HOIST F180 high-lift truck – 8 tons, including operator and transport to the performance location.

PDF documentation HOIST F180 8t

Our equipment


Manipulation machines

  • Transport trolleys up to 100 tons
  • Binding ropes
  • Lift equipment (side jacks up to 20 ton, piston jacks up to 50 ton.)