Our projects

Our projects

During our 10 years of operation in the Slovak market, we have handled a large number of machines, either through modernization or relocation. In this section, we select the most interesting ones for you.

Control system inovations

We began modernizing control systems in 2015, since when we have revamped a large number of good machines with outdated control systems. Recently, there has been a significant emphasis on energy savings during production processes. Thanks to our offer of installing servo-driven pumps (gear pumps driven by servo motors), it's possible to significantly reduce energy consumption during manufacturing. The manufacturer KEBA indicates an electrical energy savings of up to 30%. This is a notable figure for manufacturing companies given the current electricity prices. Take a look at our modernization gallery.

The most significant inovations

  • KraussMaffei 650 (several machines)
  • KraussMaffei 350 (several machines)
  • KraussMaffei 1000
  • KraussMaffei 800
  • Demag 2000 (speed pumps included)
  • SEIKI CN360
  • Turra (production line)
  • Battenfeld BA8000
  • Haitian MA3200
  • SK3500
  • ItalTech 2500 (speed pumps included)
  • Battenfeld BA750 (production line)
  • ENGEL 250 (production line)
  • Turra Karusell
  • Sandretto


and more...

KraussMaffei injection molding machines with MC4 control systems

KraussMaffei 350 machines are among the most popular medium-sized injection molding presses. They dispose of a clamping force of 3500 kN. The closure mechanism uses an amplifying piston. The discontinuation of support for MC4 control systems was announced in 2022, and spare parts for these systems are becoming increasingly hard to find. Therefore, our customers are turning to us with requests to convert the control to the KEBA – KePlast system.

KraussMaffei 650 injection molding machines are also highly popular due to their reliability. Similar to the KM 350 machines, they utilize a closure mechanism using an amplifying piston (multiplier).

KraussMaffei injection molding machines from the 800 series feature what is known as a two-platen closing system. The movable platen houses the locking mechanism and pressure cushions, which generate high pressure on the mold.

Another interesting project we had the opportunity to address was the DEMAG 2000. It is an injection molding machine with a closing force using a toggle mechanism of 20,000 kN. In this project, we also replaced constant pumps with servo pumps (saving energy during the production process).

References from machine moving

An indispensable part of our work also includes the relocation and moving of machines. Thanks to our Czech sister company, Kracik.cz  , we have various specialized equipment for the relocation and transport of oversized machines and cargo. You can view examples of our work below.

If you are interested in modernizing a machine, a production line, or relocating machinery, please do not hesitate to contact us